High Quality Uniform and Ceremonial Accoutrements

Uniform and ceremonial accoutrements

We manufacture Uniform and Ceremonial Accoutrements that accurately reflect your insignia or regimental crest. For high profile occasions when the best insignia is required, Selcraft has many years of experience of producing the highest quality uniform accoutrements for armed forces, security services, police and other organisations worldwide.

Shoulder titles, rank stars, rank crowns, sash badges, collar emblems and badges

The term “Ceremonial accoutrements” generally refers to the ceremonial bright ware worn by officers, soldiers, regimental mascots and horses, for the most important of occasions. Uniform accoutrements are generally manufactured in metal.

The term uniform accoutrement encompasses a wide range of items including rank stars, rank crowns, sash badges, collar emblems, shoulder titles and badges for uniform wear and personalisation.

A manufacturer of uniform and ceremonial accoutrements with over 40 years’ experience.

We have a 40 year history of supplying uniform accoutrements to meet the most stringent demands for quality and prestige. We design, manufacture and supply ceremonial accoutrements to civilian and military authorities and organisations around the world. However prestigious or high profile the occasion, the Uniform Accoutrement Makers at Selcraft are well placed to meet your exact requirements.

Designers of uniform and ceremonial accoutrements

We are experts in what we term “Metal Compatibility”. This is the process of transferring design of insignia and crests from paper (or elsewhere) to manufacture ready, uniform and ceremonial accoutrements in precious, base metal or other noble materials. We specialise in undertaking technically difficult jobs and delivering high quality products using a combination of traditional craftsmanship and modern manufacturing techniques. We produce manufacturing designs harmonious with other accoutrements and uniforms. We ensure consistency of design across various accoutrements in different sizes and different finishes for different applications. Whatever the starting point for the design of uniform and ceremonial accoutrements, our designers produce designs that accurately reflect your values and tradition.

Replicating existing designs to the very highest Standard

Employing the absolute latest, advanced technology and methods paired with the values and quality of time-honoured craftsmanship, we are able to duplicate or improve any existing design of uniform accoutrement. The preciseness of our fabrication methods, familiarity with materials and understanding of international languages and design concepts means we can make bespoke ceremonial accoutrements that frequently improve upon the quality and legibility attained previously by other makers. Entrust your next project to a maker with a superior heritage of high quality uniform accoutrement manufacture. We are able to handle all order quantities.

Custom made uniform and ceremonial accoutrements in your choice of material

Our uniform and ceremonial accoutrements can be produced in various metals and finishes and with a choice of fittings. Accoutrements can additionally be enhanced with enamels and precious stones.

Quality at our core

We produce complete, technical specification for our uniform and ceremonial accoutrements to assure long term quality of manufacture and consistency of all products. Gold and silver items are supplied hallmarked. Quality and integrity of other materials employed can be proven, upon request, by independent third party examination and certification. We are able to offer a comprehensive guarantee to ensure our clients have absolute confidence in Selcraft and its products.


Special Centenary Badges

"The golden Retriever Club were happy to be associated with Selcraft; Commissioning their special centenary badges and pins to commemorate the centenary celebrations of the club."