Since Selcraft UK was founded in 1973 the design and manufacture of precious metal products – insignia, medals and badges – has been a continual and integral aspect of the company’s yearly sales.

As with all Selcraft products, the team convert paper ideas into creative, attractive and desirable designs that are a joy to produce and a pleasure to wear.

Run by Carl Huxley, Selcraft have manufactured a diverse array of products in precious metals over the last 48 years and have therefore accrued considerable expertise in this field – and specifically with precious metals.


Precious metals are Silver, Gold, Platinum and Palladium.

Selcraft’s preferred technique is to use die-stamping, which provides the ultimate result for distortion free fine detailing and product integrity. These products, such as 3 dimensional items not suited to die-stamping, are cast but still hallmarked to guarantee the precious metal quality as well as invested with the same high manufacturing values of any Selcraft piece.

Assay Office

Every one of Selcraft’s precious metal items has been assayed and is identified by a full UK hallmark applied by Birmingham Assay Office.

The value of the hallmark independently guarantees the producer’s name, precious metal purity and also the Assay office responsible for the piece and year of manufacture; perhaps even the future stars featuring on an Antiques Road Show.


Whatever the piece weight, all Selcraft products always have a full hallmark which adds provenance, kudos and value to the recipient.

Hallmarking can be exempt if the piece weight is low: less than 7.78grams Silver, 1.00grams Gold, 1.00grams Platinum, 0.50grams Palladium.

To sell items without a hallmark independently applied by a UK assay office, self-certify by marking or otherwise imply by any description above these weights is an offence under the Hallmarking Act 1973.


The photo shows 4 marks (Hallmarks) 3 of which are compulsory the date letter is not:

  1. Selcraft Official Registered Mark
  2. 925 in this case 925 denotes sterling silver (925/1000 parts purity)
  3. Anchor Logo the mark of Birmingham Assay Office
  4. The letter “u” this being the letter and font for items hallmarked in 2019

Carl says: “Whether it’s Selcraft or another company, we urge buyers to check the legality of the products before committing to purchasing. Prestigious events and achievements deserve prestigious products to reflect the occasion.”

Please feel free to contact Carl and the Selcraft team for a no obligation discussion about how we can design and manufacture precious metal products for you.