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Pendants and Plaques.

Custom medallions, neck badges, pendants and plaques

Custom Plaques, Pendants Medallions and Neck Badges are often used to commemorate anniversaries, centenaries, institutions, collectibles or prestigious brands and marques. Whether it be custom plaques for businesses, custom medallions for organisations or custom pendants for sporting clubs of all types including football club pendants and cricket club neck badges. The applications for custom made Pendants, Medallions, Neck Badges and Plaques to record events or achievements is almost unlimited.

A 40 year history as a custom plaque maker. Custom made pendants, neck badges and medallions

A plaque maker of long standing, Selcraft has over 40 years of experience in the manufacture of high quality, custom medallions and associated products. The mission of our plaque makers is to satisfy the most demanding client requirements for custom pendants, plaques, medallions and neck badges. From custom plaques for local golf clubs through to custom pendant design for national and international military and corporate clients. We offer the very best quality of medallion manufacture.

Creative Design Of Plaques, Pendants, Neck Badges And Medallions

We employ the phrase “Metal Compatibility” to describe the process of transposing custom pendants design into precious metal or other high quality materials. We are equally capable to generate new pendant designs or to replicate any existing medallion or plaque. We can manufacture using precious or base materials with a wide variety of finishes and effects available to reflect purpose, usage and budget. We have experience of producing pendant designs as limited edition, uniquely numbered runs, one off production runs or continuous repeat production.

Medallion Manufacturers, Producing Pendants And Plaques To The Very Highest Quality

Employing cutting-edge, innovative engineering and methods matched with the values and quality of time-honoured workmanship, our plaque makers are capable of duplicating or improving any existing design of pendant, medallion, plaque or neck badge. The precision of our fabricating methods, familiarity with materials and understanding of global languages and design concepts means we can make customized medallions that frequently better the quality and readability achieved previously by other medallion makers. Entrust your next project to a medallion manufacturer with an outstanding pedigree of high quality medal manufacture.

Your choice of materials

We can produce medallions in a variety of materials appropriate to the purpose and usage of the souvenir. Precious or base materials can be specified along with a wide variety of finishes and effects designed to fit your budget.

Quality and customer service

Whatever your budget and requirement, we work with you to supply the absolute finest quality pendants within your price range. We generate comprehensive specifications for all Pendants, Plaques, Neck Badges and Medallions manufactured to guarantee quality and repeatability of fabrication. Items produced in Gold and Silver are hallmarked. Independent 3rd party assessment and authentication of other materials employed in fabrication can be undertaken to assert calibre and integrity. All of our bespoke Medallions, Neck Badges, Pendants and Plaques are offered with comprehensive product warranties. You can have absolute confidence in Selcraft and our products. Please contact us with your requirements.


Special Centenary Badges

"The golden Retriever Club were happy to be associated with Selcraft; Commissioning their special centenary badges and pins to commemorate the centenary celebrations of the club."