Metal Enamel Badges

Badgemaker and badge designer of custom metal badges

As a leading UK badgemaker and badge designer, we design, manufacture and supply custom metal badges of all shapes and sizes. A metal badge can be produced using many different finishes and effects to match the diverse nature and usage of custom badges.

There are limitless markets, opportunities and situations where traditional metal enamel badges can be used to great effect. A custom metal badge can be used as a promotional item or offered for sale. Metal enamel badges are used across all business sectors including; Corporate, Club, Exhibition, Clerical, Medical, Military, Sport, Society, Charities, Trade Unions, Alumni and Television. We have supplied custom metal badges to organisations of all types and sizes both locally, nationally and internationally.

A badgemaker with a long tradition for producing high quality, custom badges

We have a 40 year history as a professional badgemaker and badge designer. We routinely meet the most stringent demands for quality and prestige. We design, manufacture and supply custom metal badges around the world. Wherever you are located and whatever your requirement, the badgemakers at Selcraft are able to assist you finalise a design and then manufacture your metal badges.

Badge designers – Custom badges in metal enamel

We are experts in transferring concepts and paper designs into a manufacture ready custom metal badge in a variety of materials. We use the term “Metal Compatibility” to describe this procedure. We work closely with our clients to create badge designs that accurately meet our client requirements. Whatever the starting point for the design of your custom badges, we can help you realise it in metal.

Metal badge manufacturers – Replicating badge designs accurately and consistently

Employing cutting edge technology and processes along with time proven craftsmanship, we are able to replicate or improve existing badge designs. The accuracy of our fabrication processes, familiarity with the materials often results in a custom metal badge that improve upon the quality and achieved previously by other metal badge manufacturers. We can offer a wide, diverse range of manufacturing options with a choice of materials to suit your exact budget. As metal badge manufacturers, we are able to produce badges in any quantity from small to high volume.

Your choice of material

Our metal enamel badges can be produced in a variety of materials and finishes. We will work with you to choose the options that best suit your design and budget.

Quality at our core

We create comprehensive, technical specifications for our metal badges to ensure long term quality of manufacture and consistency of metal badge design. If required, quality and integrity of materials used can be verified, independently by third party assessment. We are able to offer comprehensive warranties to ensure you have confidence in our products.


Special Centenary Badges

"The golden Retriever Club were happy to be associated with Selcraft; Commissioning their special centenary badges and pins to commemorate the centenary celebrations of the club."