Keyrings and Key Fobs

Promotional keyrings and key fobs

The most useful of products, practical and promotional at the same time. Promotional keyrings and key fobs are available to many sectors covering prestigious brands and marques, sports, commercial, alumni and club uses.Branded keyrings and key fobs provide an ideal promotional tool. Personalised key rings can be produced to include your club, brand or organisation logo and/or promotional message. We can produce promotional keyrings in a wide range of materials to ensure that finished bespoke keyrings are truly representative of your brand and heritage.

40 years’ experience as a keyring maker

Selcraft is a keyring maker with over 40 year’s experience in the design and manufacture of a diverse range of personalised key rings and leather key fobs. We have supplied custom key fobs and promotional keyrings to a wide range of clients, including local and national sports clubs, prestigious car dealerships, premium brands, car clubs, owners clubs and distillers, etc.

Key ring designers providing bespoke keyrings and key fob designs

Our designers can provide an original, unique design for your key ring or key fob or we can replicate existing key ring and key fob designs. We can advise on most suitable materials to use in order to realise the most accurate representation of your design, logo, etc. for your branded keyrings and key fobs.

Keyring Makers Offering Total Flexibility Of Manufacture

We can produce designs as personalised key rings with various fittings or mounted onto leather key fobs. Our key rings can be produced in all shapes and sizes with various options for finish and appearances. We can produce double sided key ring designs where the need requires.

Key rings and key fobs in a wide range of materials

Our key rings and key fobs can be engineered in different materials depending on design, intended usage and budget. Key fobs can be manufactured in a range of leather, including the finest hide. For the more budget conscious, key fobs can be produced in leatherette. Key rings can be fabricated in base metals or, for something really special, precious metals. Alternatively, consider PVC moulded keyrings. Manufacturing in non-standard materials allows a different artistic license to standard materials with outstanding results. All Key ring designs can be realised as flat interpretations or in relief.

Our commitment to quality

For all of our products, we produce complete technical specifications to ensure quality and repeatability of manufacture. Gold and silver items are supplied hallmarked. Quality and integrity of other materials used can be verified, upon request, by independent third party testing and certification. We are able to offer comprehensive warranties to ensure our clients have absolute confidence in Selcraft and its products.


Special Centenary Badges

"The golden Retriever Club were happy to be associated with Selcraft; Commissioning their special centenary badges and pins to commemorate the centenary celebrations of the club."