Selcraft UK are proud to design and manufacture their products both far and wide, with strength and depth accrued since 1973, encompassing a broad range of items under the “insignia” banner.

Selcraft UK employ a consultative approach facilitating what can be made that suits and maximises the value of a client’s budget and are adept at working with many materials and processes with regards replicating simple or elaborate insignia, in any language and for any purpose such as crested desk shields. Attention to detail being the very essence of a Selcraft UK product.

Whilst we would never claim to be the inventor of the desk or wall shield – we confidently lay claim that ours are the best available! Here, Carl Huxley, Managing Director at Selcraft UK, explains why the latest commission of an Arabic Desk Shield is so significant:

“It is of particular significance and importance that often these items are exchanged and given as gifts to high ranking visiting dignitaries whether from Government, Military or Diplomatic circles.

The values of design and manufacturing quality further establish the status and credentials of the organisation ensuring the desk shield will be used and displayed with pride by the recipient.”

As seen online in County Lifestyle & Leisure Magazine.