Personalised Cufflinks, Tie-clips, Ladies Bar Brooches And Scarf Rings

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RCO, RAO, UAE Cufflinks Selcraft designs and manufactures personalised cufflinks, tie-clips, ladies bar brooches and scarf rings for many promotional, membership & commercial applications. These items have a practical use by their very nature but also are highly visible allowing a brand or association to be promoted clearly by the wearer.

Whether it be a single set of monogrammed cufflinks for an individual or a full range of personalised products for a company or organisation, we have the experience and expertise to supply products of the highest quality.


We work as partners to manufacturers of apparel, outfitters and fashion outlets, providing ranges of branded, personalised cufflinks, tie-clips, ladies bar brooch and scarf rings that compliments their core business and products. If you are a tie and bow tie manufacturer, scarf manufacturer or gents outfitters, or similar, please contact us to see how we can work with you to provide an additional income stream with your own branded cufflinks, tie-clips, etc.

A Custom Cufflink Manufacturer With An Enviable Tradition

We specialise in the design and manufacturer of custom cufflinks, tie-clips, ladies bar brooches, scarf rings and similar items. We have a 40 year history of supplying custom cufflinks and similar items. We design, manufacture and supply branded cufflinks for businesses and organisations, monogrammed cufflinks for individuals and personalised cufflinks for a wide variety of applications. Jack Daniels, MG Rover, eagle cufflinks


Creative Designers – Bespoke Cufflinks, Tie-clips, Scarf Rings And Ladies Bar Brooches

Tetrapak, volvo, Royal Oman Police tie clips We are experts in realising paper designs into physical products. “Metal Compatibility” is the term we use to describe the process of transferring bespoke cufflinks and other item designs from paper (or elsewhere) to manufacture ready, personalised cufflinks in precious metal, base metal or other noble materials. We work closely with our clients to create unique, attractive designs. Whatever the starting point for the design of your cufflinks, tie-clips, scarf rings or ladies bar brooch, our designers can produce items that you will be fully satisfied with.

For clients looking to add a new revenue stream by adding a range of accessories to an existing product line, we can design unique products that match and complement existing ranges of apparel.

One Design Mould, Many Applications

It’s important to consider that we often produce one design mould that can then be used to produce a single design as bespoke cufflinks, custom tie-clips, personalised scarf rings and ladies bar brooches. With careful design, we can produce different items using different materials all from the same mould. This realises the full potential of any mould design and provides significant cost savings and efficiencies to clients wishing to introduce a range of personalised or branded products. Scarf rings


Custom Cufflinks

All of our cufflinks can be designed to be fitted with either swivel torpedo, chain links, chain and toggle or bar and button style fittings.

Custom Tie-Clips

Our tie clips can be designed to use either a clip or slider style fitting.

Ladies Bar Brooches

Ladies bar brooches The Ladies Bar Brooch is a unique product designed by Selcraft to compliment the traditional scarf ring.


Branded Cufflinks, Tie-Clips, Ladies Bar Brooches And Scarf Rings

For businesses and other organisations that provide staff uniforms, cufflinks, tie-clips, scarf rings and bar brooches provide an eye catching and complementary finishing touch to any outfit. UAE, MG, RCO tie slides


Cufflink Manufacturers Employing The Latest Technology

Maltese cross, Umbrella, Royal Oman Police Cufflinks We use the very latest, innovative technology and techniques coupled with the values and quality of traditional craftsmanship, in the manufacture of our cufflinks, tie-clips, scarf rings and bar brooches. If you’ve had these items manufactured before, we are able to replicate or improve any existing design. The precision of our manufacturing techniques and familiarity with materials and design concepts means we can produce custom cufflinks and similar products that often improve upon the quality and legibility achieved previously by other cufflink manufacturers.


We are able to manufacture all volume requirements from a one-off through to any quantity.

Your Choice Of Material

We offer our cufflinks and similar products in precious and base materials electroplated with additional enamels or effects. Rhino, jaguar and rugy cufflinks.


Quality At Our Heart

We create comprehensive, technical specifications for all products to ensure long term quality of manufacture and consistency of design. Gold and silver items are supplied hallmarked. Quality and integrity of other materials used can be verified, upon request, by independent third party testing and certification. We are able to offer comprehensive warranties to ensure our clients have absolute confidence in Selcraft and its products.

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“I have known Selcraft for over 12 years as a supplier to our company. In that time together, we have undertaken many projects and orders together. The variety required by us of a supplier is ably demonstrated by the abilities of Selcraft.”
“Selcraft has undertaken work of all kinds, ranging from one offs to many thousands of items produced in both precious and base metals often enhanced with enamels and gems of all kinds. Selcraft has been a consistent supplier and one we know we can rely on both now and in the future.”
“We have undertaken a wide variety of projects with Selcraft and at all times we have found them to be committed, professional and reliable in their approach. They are innovative in manufacture of product and are consistent in quality on quantities ranging between a few hundred and eighty thousand.”
“The Golden Retriever club were happy to be associated with Selcraft; commissioning their special centenary badges and pins to commemorate the centenary celebrations of the club.”
“The attention to detail and the service provided was exceptional, being over and above that of a normal business, together with always putting the customer first with help and advice.”
“In our specialised field, I have been dealing with Selcraft for over 10 years and have always found them hard working, reliable and totally professional in their business approach.”
“Recently, Selcraft has supplied my company with Service Award pins. These are produced in precious metals to an exceptionally high quality and Selcraft is the only manufacturer I would trust to provide the continuous high standards demanded.”
“In this highly competitive business, I feel that the fact that Selcraft has supplied my company for so many years is testimonial enough to the service and quality offered. I would have no hesitation in recommending Selcraft to anyone seeking reassurance.”