Selcraft UK have crashed the World Rhino Day party with a special commission of a ranger cap badge for the Forgotten Parks Foundation – another export success for the UK based business.

Just in time for World Rhino Day and in support of the Forgotten Parks Foundation (FPF) who are investing in their ranger force, Selcraft UK have undertaken a special production run of the newly designed ranger cap badges to add the finishing touch to their uniform.

World Rhino Day is celebrated on September 22 every year and is intended to highlight the impact of rhino poaching as well as raise support for the world’s rhino warriors — the men and women on the frontline who risk their lives to protect these magnificent mammals. Decades of poaching and conflict across Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) have led to the total decimation of the country’s Northern white rhino. Today, only two northern white rhinos remain on the planet. The last known black rhino in the Congo was killed in Upemba National Park in 1957

Overseeing the reintroduction of the rhino to Upemba & Kundelungu National Parks is the organisation’s ultimate goal. Robert Muir, Chief Warden at Upemba & Kundelungu National Parks and joint founder of Forgotten Parks Foundation, said:

“Having the rhino as our official logo acts as a daily visual reminder of the end goal everybody here at Upemba & Kundelungu is working towards: the safe return of the rhinoceros to DRC.

For years, our rangers have worked hard to ensure the protection of these National Parks and the remaining wildlife, often making do with old and tattered uniforms. These rhino badges are also a way of letting them know — as well as the wider world — that their work at Upemba & Kundelungu will go forgotten and unnoticed no longer.

Selcraft UK have done a stellar job in helping us in that endeavour.”

The team at Selcraft UK, based in Malvern, Worcestershire, who designed and produced the ranger cap badges, were keen to ensure the rangers were professionally turned out with the specially commissioned badge.

Director Carl Huxley, said: “Distilled in the badge design is 47 years’ experience in creativity and manufacturing excellence. I hope the rangers wear the badges with as much pride as we have had in creating them.”

Selcraft UK have been creating award-winning insignia for over 45 years with works exported to mainland Europe, Arabia, North America and now Africa. For more information about the Forgotten Parks Foundation go to