Bespoke Production

Selcraft manufacture unique and bespoke items for our clients. We can manufacture to client specification, propose ourselves or a combination of the two


Each product is made to order for the client, from a one-off to many 1,000s

Generally the quantity determines the most suitable manufacturing process to be used but other facts must be considered such as purpose and use


We can manufacture in the following metals; mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium, copper alloys, 925/958/999 silver and 9ct/18ct/22ct Gold.

The manufacturing processes for various metals range from hand made to die-struck cold stamped or lost wax castings, some items contain all three, and others just one method


We can affix a wide range of fittings and fixings onto our products for practical use by fusion welding, brazing or silver and gold soldering at high temperature for permanence


We can impart various metal effects into our products such as frosting, matting, etching, hatching, bead-blasting, machine polishing, hand burnishing and diamond milling


We can electroplate finish our products with antiquing, nickel plating, chrome plating, silver plating, gilding and gold plating (gold plating can be deposited up to 10 microns thickness)


We can cut all the dies and moulds required to reproduce any designs along with specific tooling to cut the item to shape, void inner areas or form in to a shape. Products can be made as one item or several mounted parts to create one piece


We can vitreous (real glass) or synthetic enamel our products and the design of the product needs to allow for this process


We can stone-set our products when designed appropriately by various methods such as grain, claw or rubover styles.


We can set our products with real diamonds and other precious gems or alternatively use imitation stones such as cz’s , rubies, sapphires and emeralds or other coloured stones.


For further personalisation we can engrave by hand or machine in various styles and typefaces unique dedications or details directly onto our products, create monograms, or supply plaques to be applied to the presentation case.


We can specify our products technically and support this with independent testing to verify metal type and composition, electroplated deposit depth, vulnerability to oxidisation, resistance to humidity, durability at climatic extremes and suitability of purpose.



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“I have known Selcraft for over 12 years as a supplier to our company. In that time together, we have undertaken many projects and orders together. The variety required by us of a supplier is ably demonstrated by the abilities of Selcraft.”
“Selcraft has undertaken work of all kinds, ranging from one offs to many thousands of items produced in both precious and base metals often enhanced with enamels and gems of all kinds. Selcraft has been a consistent supplier and one we know we can rely on both now and in the future.”
“We have undertaken a wide variety of projects with Selcraft and at all times we have found them to be committed, professional and reliable in their approach. They are innovative in manufacture of product and are consistent in quality on quantities ranging between a few hundred and eighty thousand.”
“The Golden Retriever club were happy to be associated with Selcraft; commissioning their special centenary badges and pins to commemorate the centenary celebrations of the club.”
“The attention to detail and the service provided was exceptional, being over and above that of a normal business, together with always putting the customer first with help and advice.”
“In our specialised field, I have been dealing with Selcraft for over 10 years and have always found them hard working, reliable and totally professional in their business approach.”
“Recently, Selcraft has supplied my company with Service Award pins. These are produced in precious metals to an exceptionally high quality and Selcraft is the only manufacturer I would trust to provide the continuous high standards demanded.”
“In this highly competitive business, I feel that the fact that Selcraft has supplied my company for so many years is testimonial enough to the service and quality offered. I would have no hesitation in recommending Selcraft to anyone seeking reassurance.”