Beret Badges, Peaked Cap Badges and Uniform Buttons

Custom buttons, cap badges & beret badges

Selcraft is a manufacturer and supplier of Beret Badges, Cap Badges and Uniform buttons. The most visible of products for identity, these items provide the finishing touch to your military or corporate uniform. Your logo or insignia recreated into a metal item for prominence. We produce custom buttons, cap badges and beret badges for security services and military forces around the world as well as for airlines and other uniformed organisations.

Supplier of uniform buttons

We manufacture uniform buttons in a variety of materials and finishes to compliment the entire uniform or outfit of the wearer. We manufacture custom buttons to the client’s exact specification. With over 40 years of experience as a button manufacturer, Selcraft has a reputation for producing the highest quality work.

Military uniform buttons

We manufacture military uniform buttons in traditional form to allow removal from uniforms.

Corporate uniform buttons

For non-military use, corporate uniform buttons can be manufactured using contemporary techniques, to produce durable, high quality buttons at competitive cost.

Supplier of beret badges

Designing and manufacturing beret badges that need to be light in weight and high in detail can be a complex process. We have extensive experience in producing lightweight items without compromising quality or design. Our beret badges are produced contoured to fit so as not to de-form the beret. We utilise the correct fittings to allow flush fitting of the badge to the beret and transfer to other berets without de-formation of the beret.

Supplier of cap badges

Selcraft manufacture custom cap badges to fit shape and form whilst at the same time being lightweight, accurate in design and durable.

Design that provides flexibility in use

Our badge and uniform button designers can often produce the same design in different form to suit different applications and rank. With careful application, the same basic design of uniform buttons, beret badges and cap badges can be produced in different finishes from the same design mould to represent different ranks and status. We are experts at reproducing and improving existing designs allowing faithful recreation of extremely complicated crests and designs.

Manufacture of uniform buttons, cap badges and beret badges to the highest standard

We can produce uniform buttons, cap badges and beret badges in many ways that allow the best use when applied to the headwear or uniform with regards to shape, form and fittings. All products can be manufactured in various materials and finishes.Using the very latest, innovative technology and techniques coupled with the values and quality of traditional craftsmanship. We are able to replicate or improve any existing design of beret badge, cap badge or uniform button. The precision of our manufacturing techniques, familiarity with materials and understanding of international languages and design concepts means we can manufacture products that often improve upon the quality and legibility achieved previously by other makers.

Quality at our core

We create comprehensive, technical specifications for beret badges, cap badges and uniform buttons to ensure long term quality of manufacture and consistency of design. Gold and silver items are supplied hallmarked. Quality and integrity of other materials used can be verified, upon request, by independent third party testing and certification. We are able to offer our products with comprehensive warranties to ensure our clients have absolute confidence in Selcraft as a supplier.


Special Centenary Badges

"The golden Retriever Club were happy to be associated with Selcraft; Commissioning their special centenary badges and pins to commemorate the centenary celebrations of the club."